Satellite geophysics is an applied science discipline which studies the physical processes associated with the Earth System, utilizing various man-made satellites. We are focusing on the development of the efficient techniques on analyzing and monitoring the earth environment using the techniques of satellite geophysics. Our main study topic includes disaster monitoring, ocean surface parameter extraction, polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and SAR interferometry.

Polarimetric SAR

SAR is designed to transmit microwave radiation that is either horizontally polarized (H) or vertically polarized (V). A transmitted wave of either polarization can generate a backscattered wave with a variety of polarizations. It is the analysis of these transmit and receive polarization combinations (HH,VV,HV,VH) that constitutes the science of polarimetric SAR. SAR images collected using different polarization and wavelength combinations may provide different and complementary information. With these information, the interpretation of a number of features in a scene is facilitated. Some applications in which Polarimetric SAR has already proved useful include ; Agriculture (crop type identification, crop condition mornitoring, soil moisture measurement), geology (geological mapping, general vegetation mapping), oceanography ( sea ice identification, coastal windfield measurement, wave slope measurement, shore detection, slick detection), hydrology (monitoring wetland and snow cover), forestry (fire scar mapping, biomass estimation, species detection), etc.

Interferometric SAR

Interferometric SAR (InSAR) exploits the phase differences of two complex-valued SAR images acquired from different orbit positions and/or at different times. The information derived from these interferometric data sets can be used to measure several geophysical quantities, such as topography, deformations (volcanoes, earthquakes, ice fields), land subsidence (due to mining, gas, water, and oil withdrawl), velocity mapping (glacier flow, ocean current), etc.