Satellite geophysics is an applied science discipline which studies the physical processes associated with Earth’s system utilizing various man-made satellites and space technologies. The fact that in-situ observations are spatially and temporally limited makes satellites one of the most effective tools in studying the physic of Earth and its environment in space and time. From pole to pole, the satellites can monitor any corner of Earth in real time and a large coverage of observation makes a synoptic view of Earth’s system possible. In addition, radar satellites as well as multi-spectral optical and GPS satellites provide multiple observations and a wide variety of analysis for the comprehensive understanding of Earth’s system and its environment. With these capabilities, two major categories that our laboratory is currently focusing are disaster and environment monitoring. As more satellites will be available in the near future, detailed observations of our living planet Earth will be achievable and the field of satellite geophysics is expected to get more attention as a major important field of study.